Monday, 18 March 2013

Coming soon.....

Well.... That time is creeping up again. The time where I quit my shitty camp job to live on my two wheels for a couple months, and share with u all these crazy ideas, and thoughts that run through my head.
I've been doin outta town work the past year, from cold ass Winnipeg to the rainy, snowy town of kitamat in northern BC.
This morning I entered my superintendents office, with a piece of paper in my hand requesting the months of July and August off. I knew what was coming hehe.
"Really?" He laughed.
"And what do u need this time off for?" He chuckled sarcastically.
I then explained to him that ive been planning to ride my motorcycle across Canada to Nova Scotia, then south to New York, then the plan is to head east to sturgis and then off to the great bonneville salt flats.
He looked a bit surprised! As he pulled his glasses to the tip of his nose.
" I can't hold your position here for two months..."
I then told him to take this as my notice..
He seemed somewhat stunned. As I left his office he mentioned that I should get his number before I head out on my adventure. And I will. Asides from the 42 days on and 7 off, this has been a good job. There are some great people I have met up here that make this time go by. I work with the best crew on this whole site. We are all so different, yet so the same. I will definitely miss these boys!
Stay tuned, for there is so much more to come. I hope u all will follow me once again on this journey! Whether its just one of you or a hundred of u. I need u to listen. The thought of u traveling with me puts me at ease. This journey will be full of life, feeling, art, music, love, and so much more....and I promise u I will always try to make it easy listening for ur ears. Keveemetal signing off...

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