Monday, 18 March 2013

Coming soon.....

Well.... That time is creeping up again. The time where I quit my shitty camp job to live on my two wheels for a couple months, and share with u all these crazy ideas, and thoughts that run through my head.
I've been doin outta town work the past year, from cold ass Winnipeg to the rainy, snowy town of kitamat in northern BC.
This morning I entered my superintendents office, with a piece of paper in my hand requesting the months of July and August off. I knew what was coming hehe.
"Really?" He laughed.
"And what do u need this time off for?" He chuckled sarcastically.
I then explained to him that ive been planning to ride my motorcycle across Canada to Nova Scotia, then south to New York, then the plan is to head east to sturgis and then off to the great bonneville salt flats.
He looked a bit surprised! As he pulled his glasses to the tip of his nose.
" I can't hold your position here for two months..."
I then told him to take this as my notice..
He seemed somewhat stunned. As I left his office he mentioned that I should get his number before I head out on my adventure. And I will. Asides from the 42 days on and 7 off, this has been a good job. There are some great people I have met up here that make this time go by. I work with the best crew on this whole site. We are all so different, yet so the same. I will definitely miss these boys!
Stay tuned, for there is so much more to come. I hope u all will follow me once again on this journey! Whether its just one of you or a hundred of u. I need u to listen. The thought of u traveling with me puts me at ease. This journey will be full of life, feeling, art, music, love, and so much more....and I promise u I will always try to make it easy listening for ur ears. Keveemetal signing off...

Saturday, 8 September 2012

home sweet home...

Well from fort Macleod to Calgary for the night. Got to see my buoys jbles and Deano. Was a great time. i left for home yesterday an made it here lasnignt. Felt so good to sleep in my bed.
What a trip. We hauled ass in Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. It was an amazing adventure. I don t know why it has taken me this long to realize that we have to live life, experience people an fun times. For too long I worked my life away never getting ahead, always scraping by. It's just always gonna be that way. No matter what we'll always get by. Whether we have those pricey electronics we want, the expensive vehicles, the expensive clothes, all that shit, or not... It just doesn't matter. I'm just learning to live within my means. U have to live it, before u know it ur laying on a hospital bed saying the" I coulda, I shoulda...but...."
I'm so thankful to everyone in my life, everyone I met, everywhere I been in the past two months.

Thanx for listening, til next time, next week, next month, next year, or whenever I decide to live again. I will keep u all posted. That is all of u who wanna listen. Thank u for bein with me...once again I hope it was easy listening for u.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Butte, Montana to Fort Macleod, Alberta

I got on the road around 2. It was only my battery cant believe they couldn't figure it out, basically I waited for 2 days in a hotel while they ordered me parts I didn't even need. Oh well. Blasted through Montana and hit some beautiful mountains, then into some pretty harsh rain. Hit the canadian border an headed north on hwy2. I had to stop in fort Macleod, Alberta at some scummy motel for the was raining pretty hard the past 3 hours.
2 hours from calgayry. My new plan is to stay at my buoy Deano's or my amigo JBles for tonight. Well... I'm back in Canada anyway an It's starting to feel like this journey is comin to an end... that saddens me a lil bit. I live for this. Being on the road has become such a part of me it makes me sad that I won't be able to do this for a long while.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another night in Butte

Went to the HD dealership today, sounds like my stator is the problem. Didn't really get a straight answer outta them. They seem pretty rad. Gotta spend another night in butte. I'll head back there for noon tomorrow an see where their at.
Shitty morning, I looked everywhere for my passport an it was no where to be found. Thought I may have left it in wendover or at one of the places on the way here. Called everywhere an nothin. Was freakin out. Got to the dealership and sure enough it was on my bike. Thank u to my sweetheart Jess, for lookin after me from afar. She was calling motels, and doin so much for me, Thank u so much sweety i love an miss u. Thanx to my buoy "E" for keepin me calm an bein patient with me. Eric ended up leavin on his journey home this morn after the news at Harley. Best of luck brother. Ride safe.
Anyway, I'm back at the hotel for another night. Hoping the stator is the only problem. Could be the regulator and the battery, or all three with my luck. Oh well. Wish me luck everyone. I guess one shitty day is nothing, compared to all the amazing time I have spent on my two wheel adventure. Safe travels E, wish I were Ridin by ur side...
As u can see by the pics, there is fuck all to do out here...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Broked down in butte, Montana

Monday sept 2. Left Cody bright an early. Was a beautiful ride on the chief joseph hwy to the beartooth hwy. destination for this eve is Missoula, Montana. We stopped in for the best breakfast at a lil place called soda butte lodge in Cooke city. Then proceeded on through the north east entrance of Yellowstone park. Then broke off north on hwy 89 to the i90.
Heading west on the i90 I lost power on my bike an broke down some 40 miles outta Butte, Montana. Got a tow to the HD dealership and it jus do happened there was a few guys wrenching there. Dumped it off and they got me a shuttle, with a discount room for the night. So we are staying in Butte for the night.
It's 745am right now so I'll be heading there for 9am. Hoping it's not gonna cost too much, but I know by now motorcycles aren't cheap. Wish me luck, I'll let u know how it all works out. Thanx for listening to this shit...